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Scent Guardian Plus Patent  Patent No:US11,365,372 B1 Scent Eliminator Spray

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Scent Guardian Plus with an earthy aroma is our 🇺🇸 USPTO Patent No:US11,365,372 B1 formula and process for human scent and odor elimination. Made with 100% all natural ingredients, Scent Guardian Plus utilizes our supercharged NanoChemTechnology formulation  consisting of bonding 150 PPM Ionic Silver, Zeolite, Active Carbon infused with Ozone creating a 3D Lattice structure with interconnecting channels. Inside these channels are positively charged ions that attract and trap human odors. The unwanted odor enters through pores and is absorbed into the Scent Guardians catalytic molecular sieve adsorbents, purifying an destroying all impurities! We guarantee results that until now you didn’t know even existed. 

“Spray on your gear and simply disappear.”

SHAKE WELL. Apply Scent Guardian Plus on clothing and boots before hunting and again before stepping into your hunting area. Use to spray down tree stands, tower blinds and ground blinds. Can be used to remove odors from your camp house and hunting vehicles. 


Scent Guardian Plus Is Approved by Mr. Whitetail 

Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 USPTO Patent No: US11,365,372 B1