Mock Scrape Deer Scent Package Larry Weishuhn Approved

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Mock Scrape Package Larry Weishuhn Approved includes the following:

2 oz Scrape King Scent Wick Can

Pre Infused with 100% Authentic Deer Gland Oil, Pheromone Infused Deer Scent, and a Deer Passion Induced Communication Scent

1 oz Breeding Buck Preorbital (Licking Branch)

Breeding Buck Preorbital, is a combination of the highest quality glands & pheromones extracted from the forehead, tear, ear gland, wax, mouth and lip saliva from Only Dominate Bucks

1 oz Scrape King Wick Refresher.

Used to refresh the Scrape King Buck DNA Scent & Wick Can. Increases longevity to a month!

Shake Well:  Before Each Application!!!

Weather resilient NO FREEZE

 Most Effective:

  • Year Around Licking Branches 
  • Early Season (Early August)
  • Pre Rut
  • Rut
  • Late Season 

Only Deer Scent company to ever be Approved by Larry Weishuhn aka Mr.Whitetail!

Our Mock Scrape Package is Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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