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Breeding Buck Preorbital Deer Scent

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Our Breeding Buck Preorbital Scent Spray combines the highest quality deer scents from dominant bucks extracted forehead, tear duct, ear gland and wax, mouth, and lip saliva. Early in pre-rut, bucks travel together; they state their dominance by rubbing, chewing, licking, and then smelling. Bucks are instinctively programmed to open communal licking branches in their core travel areas.

 This “NO FREEZE” weather-resistant formula allows the hunter to communicate directly to both dominant bucks and does in the area. This is a must-have to add to your deer scent arsenal. 

Most Effective:

    • Early Season 
    • Pre-Rut
    • Rut
    • Post-Rut
    • Late Season

 Shake Well:  Apply on licking branches, foliage, or scrapes on trees in your target zone to entice deer in your hunting area.

Warning: Do not apply to clothing or apparel.

Breeding Buck Preorbital is Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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