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Rut Sidekick Package

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Rut Sidekick Package

  • 2 oz. Bottle Inflame Doe Estrous 
  • 2 oz. Bottle Buck Tarsal  
  • 24 oz. Scent Guardian No Scent "Patented Approved"


Inflamed Doe Estrous: 

Everyone likes to come up with why they have the best unsinging scientifically tested or certified being 30 pg/ml levels of estrous. They will come up with cleaver words that mean nothing when in reality they sell deer urine and urine has no level of estrous when urine is water and its already broken down from oxygen after 20 minutes. Gland oil is different its how they communicate so that were we come in. No science behind pee in a bottle its taking glands and infusinginh them into the right urines for different message.

TRHP Outdoor premium quality doe in heat urine is collected in October and November when there are additional chemical compounds that signal a doe’s breeding cycle. What make us different then our competition is we developed a process that takes 6 months to tincture the glands naturally to infuse into our estrus that only we do and develop these products fresh each year. Inflame Doe is infused with doe in heat urine, anal, vaginal, and tarsal gland scent. 

Buck Tarsal is a quality blend between our Dominant Buck Urine, Buck Tarsal Gland, and Authentic Passion induced scents. Great for creating the illusion of a traveling buck in another bucks territory during the rut.

Shake Well: Apply on authentic tree scrapes and ground scrapes, mock scrape, drag-lines, scent wicks or scent dispensers.

  • Formulated By Real Science 
  • Communicate With Your Deer Herd
  • 100% Authentic 
  • 100% Guaranteed or ITS FREE!!!

Moist Effective:

  • Pre Rut
  • Rut
  • Late Season





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