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Hunters Creed Buck Deer Scent

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Hunter’s Creed Specialty Blend is 3XX stronger than any of our other proprietary blends.  This NO FREEZE weather resistant lure is a powerhouse of a scent with all the hormones and sex glands of a dominant buck and a mature doe in just one bottle.  It creates the illusion of another dominant buck in the territory that is after a doe in estrus.  This is what makes Hunter’s Creed one of our best scents to use during the rut and or during calling situations while they are chasing does.

Most Effective:

    • Pre-Rut
    • Rut
    • Late Season

Shake Well:  Apply on dragline, ground scrapes, mock tree rubs/scrapes, hanging scent wicks, hanging scent dispenser, feeding areas or game cameras in your hunting area.  Spray into the air while hunting to lure bucks to your hunting area.

Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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