Mock Scrape Deer Scent Package ☆FREE 12 oz.Scent Guardian-Patent No:US11,365,372 B1


2 oz. Scrape King Scent Wick Can

Pre Infused with 100% Authentic Deer Gland Oil, Pheromone Infused Deer Scent, and a Deer Passion Induced Communication Scent


1 oz. Breeding Buck Preorbital (Licking Branch)

Breeding Buck Preorbital, is a combination of the highest quality glands & pheromones extracted from the forehead, tear, ear gland, wax, mouth and lip saliva from Only Dominate Bucks


1 oz. Scrape King Scent & Wick Refresher.

Used to refresh the Scrape King Buck DNA Scent & Wick Can. Increases longevity to a month!


Shake Well: Before Each Application!!!

☆Weather resilient NO FREEZE


 Most Effective:


Year Around Licking Branches 

Early Season (Early August)

Pre Rut


Late Season 

Only Deer Scent company to ever be Approved by Larry Weishuhn aka Mr.Whitetail!


Our Mock Scrape Package is Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸


Free 12 oz. Scent Guardian-Patent No. US11,365,372 B1