Predators Death Grip Scent & Wick Can

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Gary Roberson’s go to Lure on Carnivore TV for Coyotes!

Scent can has a fiber infused wick with 2 oz. of Predators Death Grip.  Our 100% authentic Predators Death Grip is weather resistant and great for trapping. This NO FREEZE all-predator lure is blended with coyote, bobcat and fox urine that are infused with glands and natural musks.  Place Predators Death Grip can with oil-base gel for superior scent dispersion close to coyotes’ bedding area, on a bushy point or corridor that offers a direct route to the bait with dense cover for their approach. Each Predators Death Grip scent can has an adjustable scent release ventilator lid.

Shake Well:  Dig 3 - 4 inch hole, remove red vent lid, peel and remove aluminum lid, replace red vent lid, open vent to max and place can in hole covering until red lid is slightly above ground level.  Lasts up to 2 weeks.

oz Wick Refresher bottle of Predator's Death Grip can be added to refresh Wick Can for an additional 14 days.  Replace with new Wick Can after 30 days.


Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸