How To Make A Mock Scrape

How To Make A Mock Scrape

Our Breeding Buck Preorbital, is a combination of the highest quality of extracted forehead, tear, ear gland, wax, mouth and lip saliva from a dominant buck. We spent years developing this product with numerous field tests to make this by far the best product for mock scrapes that has hit the market. It allows the hunter to create the communication to find and locate that dominate buck in your area. Its my number one go to scent during Early Season and Pre-Rut.

Creating Your Licking Branch/ Mock Scrape

A good location to place your primary scrape is at a pinch point or narrow travel corridor that funnels deer through the area. Buck will also hold back a short distance in cover to survey the surrounding area before entering a food plot or field to feed. This holding area will be another fine location buck will scent-check regularly before entering the feeding location. Your mock scrape should be a large, eye-catching, naturally scented experience deer will remember and return to scent check during the rutting periods.

  • Begin by choose a suitable location with a licking branch four to five feet high. Or, if you must, cut one and nail or wire it securely in place.
  • Snap the tips of the licking branch or smash with plyers.
  • Shake Well then apply the scent to the branch tips with six to eight sprays of our Breeding Buck Preorbital
  • Use your long handled rake to scrape away any debris in at least a six to eight foot area beneath your preorbital scented licking branch.
  • Then dig and thoroughly loosen up the soil in the fresh scraped area.
  • Now use the water to dampen down the freshly dug earth.
  • Apply 1-2 ounces of our Scrape King, over the damp earth.
  • Finish by lightly blending some ground duff or leaves over the finished scrape to leave a natural appearance.
  • Refresh the licking branch and dirt area of the scrape every ten to 14 days with the Scrape King or Buck Urine Tarsal Passion. If the weather is dry at this time, water down the scape again; this gives it a fresh, well used appearance.
  • Most Effective:

  • Early Season (Early August)
  • Pre Rut
  • Warning: Do not apply to clothing or apparel

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